Julián Palacios / 2019

3D Graphic Adventure


Memories, dreams and fantasies emerge during a conversation inside a family relationship.

Promesa (promise) is an immersive audiovisual project where you move through shared places linked together in a story that is both personal and collective.

In the individual time and interaction with the virtual world, images, spaces and sounds come out from the void, asking the viewer to be present.


Promesa is currently under development and will be published in 2019.

Julián Palacios - Promesa



Written, designed & programmed by Julián Palacios.

Soundtrack - Julián Palacios, Domiziano Maselli

Music arrangements, producing and recording by Domiziano Maselli

Visuals - Julián Palacios

Additional 3D graphics - Andrea Cedraro, Manuel Cattaneo


Coming out 2019


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